Dacia Sandero is the UK’s Most Affordable New Car Priced from £5,995

If you live in the UK and are looking for an affordable means of transportation, Dacia will try to lure you away from the used car market with its new Sandero supermini that goes on sale in January 2013 at a starting price of £5,995 (equal to €7,400 / US$9,700), making it Britain's cheapest new car.

According to Renault's low budget brand, the base price of the Sandero is very close to what Ford asked for a similarly specified Fiesta 5dr 1.0-litre Popular 4-speed in 1989 at £5,736. Today, a base Fiesta will set you back £9,795, while the smaller, A-segment Fiat Panda starts at £8,900.

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