Honda to Produce New Civic Type R and Wagon in the UK, Next Jazz will be Imported to Europe

At a press conference during the 2012 Paris Motor Show last week, Honda Motor Europe's President, Manabu Nishimae, announced the development and market introduction of two new Civic models, the performance Type R and the practical and roomier Wagon (estate).

Now, the Japanese automaker has confirmed that both of these two new derivatives of its compact model will be manufactured at the company's UK plant in Swindon, which also uniquely produces the Civic five-door hatchback that is then exported throughout Europe and globally.

The VW Golf GTI-rivaling Civic Type R hot hatch is scheduled for production in 2015 while the Wagon, seen here in a teaser picture, will make its global debut as a thinly disguised concept most likely at the Geneva Salon in March or the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2013.

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