Mugen Launches Production Version of Supercharged Honda CR-Z RZ [19 Photos]

Something tells us that what Mugen has prepared is what Honda fans wanted the CR-Z to be from the beginning.

Over the past year or so, Honda's official tuning arm presented several concepts of a faster CR-Z and this is the final production model.

The car's official moniker is the 'Honda CR-Z MUGEN RZ' of which only 300 examples will be built and sold by Mugen exclusively in Japan, starting from November 26, with prices to be announced.

At the heart of the RZ lies a modified version of the stock model's IMA Hybrid powerplant that places a supercharger to the 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine to lift its output to 154hp (156PS) and 185Nm (136 lb-ft).

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